Information about San Miguel de Allende & your Stay at the Hotel

If this is your first visit to this beautiful place, this is what you should know


General Information

The magnificent ‘Mansion San Miguel’ is situated in the heart of this beautiful, ancient city. The Cathedral and Central Square are a few minutes´ walk away and its proximity to the center makes it an ideal choice for the discerning visitor to San Miguel.

The Mansion has recently been lovingly renovated to create a luxurious boutique hotel, whilst sympathetically retaining many charming existing features. What sets Mansion San Miguel apart, is the attention to detail that has been an integral part of its rebirth. Each of the bedrooms are different, each with its own unique character. However, they are linked with the common theme of the angel wing of the Archangel San Miguel.

One of the most unusual things is that during the renovations, many existing items were upcycled. The beautiful kitchen table, for example, was a door that was considered too interesting to discard. Large clock faces have been transformed into patio tables. These give a sense that time stands still when you visit San Miguel. Carved wooden furniture and hand-painted tiles from Puebla, add to the charm and give a glimpse of the past. However, guests can expect modern necessities, such as reliable high speed internet, cable TV and Guest Services staff provide local knowledge and recommendations.


Views and Mindfulness

It is easy in our hectic world to forget to pause and enjoy life´s simple pleasures. At Mansion San Miguel we invite you to reconnect with things that bring peace and mindfulness. Here, sit under a starry sky, with no other distractions than the ancient cathedral bells clanging, or the cicadas humming. The views from the upper terrace allow the visitor to glimpse the cobbled streets below and imagine days gone by. Twinkling lights from the city and vibrant roof gardens, combine to  bring tranquility and harmony.


Things to do

As one might expect in a UNESCO World Heritage city, San Miguel has much to offer in the form of architecture and culture. There are many shops offering the best products from all over Mexico. It is a haven for artists and craftspeople drawn to the city from all over the world. It is easy to find interesting, beautiful and often quirky hand-made goods. Some of these artisans offer classes, for example in silversmithing, cookery and stained glass art, to name but a few. The staff at the Mansion will be happy to facilitate such classes on your behalf, should you wish to connect with your creative side during your stay.


Eating and Socializing

Food in San Miguel is of an excellent quality. A large expatriate community demands high standards. Many staff in bars and restaurants are multi-lingual. Guests can expect culinary experiences to be a pleasure, and at a very reasonable cost as compared with the US or Europe. However, sometimes guests prefer a night on the terrace, under the stars, after a hectic day. With this in mind, staff at the Mansion are happy to offer a food delivery service. This allows guests to sit in their rooms, or in tranquil haven area on the first floor, and relax. This area was created for guests to sit and take a breathing space, help themselves to coffee. To listen to the birds by day, cicadas by night. To exchange experiences with other, or simply to recharge their batteries. Views over rooftop gardens and tropical vegetation make this an appealing area in which to unwind.