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September 02, 2017… ‘Monthly Art Walk’ at Fabrica la Aurora

Visiting San Miguel de Allende – one famous UNESCO site since 2008 offers you many artsy events.

A textile mill from 1902 to 1991, Fabrica La Aurora has since become an art-lover’s paradise in northern San Miguel. Just a short walk north from El Jardin, the converted factory shows evidence of the site’s history, including oil-stained floors and traces of cotton tucked into crevices. If you’re looking to shop, you’ll be satisfied by the diverse selection at furniture, jewelry and contemporary art stores that pepper the complex.

After you’ve spent plenty of time eyeing paintings and sculptures, switch your focus from palette to palate with a stop at one of Fabrica La Aurora’s restaurants. Get ready for another wonderful collective Art Walk during which all the galleries open their doors, offer cocktails, and inaugurate new exhibitions.

Do not miss the monthly Art Walk at Fabrica La Aurora from 5:00 to 8:00 PM. This is a great opportunity to meet local artists in their open studios. Great fun!

Our Concierge team at Mansion San Miguel is always there to give you the last updates on all ongoing events and are there to help you to get to the places you like to visit at all times.

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